As finding the right doctor is a very personal choice, we thought we’d let our doctors share with you their personal stories of why they became a doctor and do what they do… and why Aqua Marine Medical Centre & Skin Clinic came to be.

Our General Practitioners, Family Medical Centre and Skin Clinic “Aqua Marine Medical Centre & Skin Clinic” was created, when Dr Marina was working in Rural Victoria away from her husband for nearly 18 months. After relocation to Maryborough in QLD and during three years of GP work there, which included more exams and study, Dr. Marina received her Fellowship. This lead to her husband, Gotthard, selling his own business to make time to engage with the planning and running of the Aqua Marine Medical Centre & Skin Clinic.

Everything started out of the back of our garage, with lots of files, papers and ideas, and slowly became our project in Redland Bay, Queensland, where the clinic is now open with Dr Marina, Dr Bern-Mari, Dr Zahid and Dr Daniel, taking care of our loyal patient base.


I was born in the South part of Russia, situated near the Volga River close to former Stalingrad (current Volgograd). The city is called Balakovo. My parents were both medical doctors, very hardworking and constantly busy. My little sister and myself hardly saw our parents and were missing them a lot while they were saving other people’s lives. My Mum would be often called at night after being at work for 10-12 hours a day. She would forget her own needs and would help everybody in need of medical assistance. My mother was very much loved in our town where most people knew her and were her patients. She was terribly missed after she was tragically killed in a car accident when I was 12 years of age. I had to grow up very quickly after this tragedy and help also with the upbringing of my younger sister.

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Why did I choose to become a doctor?

Well, to answer this question we need to rewind about 30 years... My father was a Medical Doctor with his own GP practice and while living in Cape Town, South Africa, he would come home and often share some of his medical stories from the day. Being in Africa, some were pretty interesting! I loved hearing how he made a difference to families lives, so this probably unconsciously planted the idea of becoming a doctor...

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Specialist General Practitioner with a focus on General Medicine, Child Health (Diploma), Chronic Disease Management,

e.g. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Back Pain, Arthritis, Treatment of Menopause with bioidentical hormones and all musculoskeletal issues.

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I grew up in a rural area in Punjab, Pakistan, where I completed my schooling. Becoming a doctor has always been a dream of mine. I had frequent interactions with doctors as a child, and like them, I desired to help and make people feel better.

To achieve this goal, I had to go to a major city for further studies and spent most of my time away from my family for over 12 years. After graduation from Medical College and completing my Internship, I practiced in my home town for almost 10 years before moving to Australia in 2005.

In Australia, I started work as a GP in the mining town of Port Hedland (WA) and obtained Fellowship of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Working as a GP in Australia and overseas, including Locum work in remote areas, has provided an opportunity to improve my knowledge and skills , and I developed special interests in Skin and Occupational health.

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